Enriching Experiences Outside of Scherkenbach

Children are full of questions about the world around them! We highly encourage families to dine at a variety of restaurants, take multiple trips to national parks, museums, art galleries, historical landmarks, zoos, libraries, aquariums, planetariums, beaches, amusement parks, a sports event, and other public attractions. Experiments, cooking, making craft projects, board games, navigating internet sites, swimming, hiking, bicycling, and reading interesting books are extremely academically beneficial. Summer break, winter break, evenings, or weekends are ideal times to build your child’s academic “background knowledge” through enriching experiences and themes.

Commonly researchers refer to what a person already knows about a topic as background knowledge. Numerous studies have confirmed the relationship between background knowledge and achievement. The brain learns new information by linking it to something previously learned. Thus, students who have a great deal of background knowledge are more likely to learn new information readily and quite well due to having more pathways to connect the information. Provide frequent and varied experiences to give your child the best academic advantage!


An I-Search is about discovering new places, reading deeply, and creatively writing on a topic that is important to the student (not the teacher or parent). It is an exciting twist to the traditional research paper! It starts with the student's interest and curiosity. After selecting a topic, the student writes about what he or she already knows and crafts "I wonder..." questions meant to guide the search for information. Students must locate books, articles, magazines, websites; or visit various locations, and search for other resources that contain interesting information related to the
topic. The student answers the drafted questions (download the I-Search Framework below) using information he has learned, and concludes the I-Search with new questions that spring from what he or she has discovered. (It's what good readers and writers do!)
I-Search Framework.pdf
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Answer Today's... Wonder of the Day®

Learning is happening everywhere, all the time! Experience a daily dose of time with your child to make the most of each and every moment together — learn something new, try out an idea, create a masterpiece, imagine possibilities. It’s easy. It’s fun. It's FREE! But the learning is big!

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Start with a Book

Is your child fascinated by dinosaurs, planes, bugs, birds, animals, the moon and stars, art, thunder and lightning? Do you have a young detective, explorer, or superhero at home? Does your child love reading poetry, myths, or tall tales with you? Start with a book … and see where your child's imagination goes! Browse our theme library below to jumpstart your adventure. Start with a Book offers adults engaging, research-based ideas for getting kids into books all summer and beyond.

Need fresh and FREE ideas?

NeoK12 is a fantastic collection of videos, arranged by subject, that have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. There are also quizzes, games and puzzles as well as a cool presentation creator that helps teachers or students create presentations within the site. Also cool is the "How it Works" and "How It's Made" sections.
Isn’t it funny how much children love being in the kitchen? Whether they’re ripping through the refrigerator, peering into a pot or sneaking a snack, the kitchen is a great place to explore. And, making discoveries is what Kitchen Explorers is all about.

With help from our field guides, Alice and Aviva (two amazing moms and cooks!), you and your child can make magic in the kitchen. Along the way, you’ll discover new foods and ways to make good-for-you foods tasty. You’ll find that your kitchen offers loads of learning opportunities, and you’ll see that creating something from scratch brings joy and self-confidence.
Scholastic Parents
Inspire your child’s imagination and support learning with our fun at-home activities
National Geographic Kids - Fun Stuff
Go online to find amazing crafts, recipes, science exploration, contests, photo fill-ins, and so much more!

Disney Family Fun
Disney has a compiled a vast collection of simple craft projects, easy recipes, and a variety of family getaways around the country.
Science Buddies
Encourage your children's scientific interests!
Large online library of project ideas and an online forum in which students can ask questions and receive responses from scientists and engineers.
Journey with LeVar to visit fascinating people and places. These in-app video field trips connect the stories children read to the world they live in. Using a combination of newly produced video and classic segments from the original Reading Rainbow TV show, children are transported on real-life adventures. Exclusive new videos are introduced frequently to nourish your child’s natural curiosity.

Our customized experience ensures that your child finds just the right book for them based on their age, interests and reading level. Each book comes alive with audio storytelling by professional actors, and interactive illustrations. Children earn reward stickers to create pictures on themed island backgrounds for each book they read.
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"You don't need to have a book in hand to help your child become a better reader. Interesting experiences give kids a broader framework for new information they might encounter in books, and when kids have lots of experiences to draw on, they have a better chance of making a connection with what they read!"
Reading Rockets

The Night Before the Museum

Daytrips, vacations and special outings create special memories and great learning opportunities for families. The time leading up to your trip can be filled with excitement and adventure too! Whether you're going to the zoo, the museum, or a state park, there are a few "stops" to make before your visit to help your child get the most out of a family or school educational experience. Click here to read about the four "stops."