Pledge of Achievement

​November 6, 2014
To Our Community,
We were very proud last week to unveil the baseline data for our new district scorecard, a set of six goals that will increase student achievement for every student in every classroom.
Find the scorecard here:
On October 28, 2014, the school district hosted a community roundtable at Desert Oasis High School with people who signed up to “take the pledge” and support our students. 

The scorecard outlines ambitious and transparent goals for the Clark County School District. There are five-year targets for each goal, and we invite our entire community to read over the goals and help hold us accountable as we strive to meet each target.

The goals align with the district’s action plan, called the Pledge of Achievement, which lays out detailed strategies for success. You can read it here:

At the roundtable, prominent community members spoke extensively about the six goals and their support of our plan. Here is some of what they said:
​Now that we have baseline data for the scorecard, we will give you updates on what you can do to support our action plan. We cannot transform this school district without support from the community. We need your help to contact your legislators during the 2015 legislative session, to volunteer at our schools, and to support the CCSD students in your life.
To find out how to volunteer at our schools, click here. Currently, we are looking for people to fill in for our annual “Principal for a Day” experience. To volunteer or partner in other ways, call the School-Community Partnership office at 702-799-6560 or click here.
Please also encourage your friends to “take the pledge” at to get updates on how to support every student in every classroom, and join the conversation on social media with #CCSDPledge.
Pat Skorkowsky
Superintendent of Schools