Response to Instruction

How do we know if our students are learning?

Response to Instruction is a thorough problem-solving process used to support teachers in finding alternative strategies to help all students to be successful. We closely analyze multiple assessments and classroom performance of all of our students to make team decisions regarding improved student achievement. After our analysis we recommend additional direct teaching strategies, online intervention programs, chart the results, and adjust or continue our modifications accordingly.

We Make Time for Every Student!


AIMSweb is a series of formative assessments CCSD has adopted to assess student achievement frequently during instruction to determine whether instruction is effective for individual students. The screeners are not diagnostic assessments that identify deficit skills. We use the standardized measures as simply a quick thermometer reading of students that truly need further diagnostic assessment, monitoring, and additional support beyond the core curriculum.

Our Online Intervention and Acceleration Programs

Lexia Reading is recognized because it:

Simplifies the process of differentiating instruction by delivering individualized action plans for each student and providing targeted instructional materials to help improve student performance

Identifies students at risk of reading failure with norm-referenced embedded assessment that predicts end-of-year performance and prescribes instructional strategies.

Monitors the effectiveness of intervention for all students with real-time reporting at the student, class, grade, school or district level.

Frequently Asked Concerns...

We plan a variety of options for intervention and acceleration!

"Treat students fairly by not treating them the same." Dr. Richard Curwin